#iServeTheWord on Periscope! March 14 2016

Debora Hooper on Periscope


Friends! Need a pick me up during the day? Download Periscope, follow me @deborahooper and watch me during a livestream share a 15 minute inspirational message with you! Designed to encourage you during your lunchtime, view my #HoopScope Monday - Friday between 12 and 1 pm EST where #iServeTheWord. When you do, I believe God to give you a Word that will give you a breakthrough during your lunch break!

All Periscopes are available for Playback for 24 hours.  Also, you can comment and tap the screen for hearts when you want to agree or say amen to the Word!  Lastly, please kindly SHARE the #HoopScope from the app to your friends on your social pages. You never know who might need a Word! 

See you soon on my #HoopScope on Periscope!  (@deborahooper)