Which Is It For You ... Money or Morals? January 05 2015

Money or Morals? Is this what it has come down to in America? If so, which do you choose? Here's what has me (and so many) stirred about this.

Keisha Knight Pulliam (little Rudy Huxtable from The Cosby Show) was the first to get fired last night on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. Her task was to be the Project Manager (PM) for her team Integrity for a fundraiser at Pie Face (NY). Unfortunately, her team lost to Vortex and she was called, along with two other women she selected, to the boardroom to discover who would be fired. In short, after much deliberation at the table, "The Donald", ultimately fired Keisha!  Not because she did not fulfill her obligation as a great PM, as he stated, but because she did not raise enough money for the fundraiser.  Unfortunately, on these types of tv shows, it is what it is, and somebody's gotta win and somebody's gotta lose.  However, that alone is not what has caused the internet to buzz.  It was RHOA reality star, Kenya Moore, featured on team Integrity with Keisha, who strongly pointed out, that Keisha failed to reach out to her "tv dad", Bill Cosby, for money and thus, caused team Integrity to lose.  Donald Trump and his team, strongly agreed with Kenya; Keisha should have called him.  However, Keisha defended herself and stated that she did not reach out to Bill Cosby because "she hadn't spoken to him in over 5 years" and did not think it was right to reach out now, especially just to ask for money, even if it was for a fundraiser. 

Now, we could talk all day about Keisha, Donald, Kenya and the person who YOU think should have really gotten fired for not contributing ANY funds to raise.  But that's not my issue here.  What I'd like to address here is: was Keisha right in not reaching out to Bill Cosby to ask for money, with there being an estranged relationship or was "The Donald" right in insisting that regardless of that, she should have called because of his economic wealth?  In other words, which do you think should have prevailed, money or morals?

Its an important question, because it seems like its the crux of how our society functions today.  In addition, it lies at the heart of every decision that you and I make.  It asks and answers the question to what governs you?  Your business decisions? Your commitment to your marriage?  How you raise your children? Your integrity as a minister and the biblical text you preach? In essence, the question highlights one's character.  And so again, is it based upon money or morals?  If you choose money; prepare for disaster.  It may not come right away, but its coming.  Prepare for it not to even last long, and for broken relationships, perpetual lies, deceit and more.  Don't get me wrong, we all need money to live, but when you choose it over morals, its a slippery slope.  However, choosing morals, also has its challenges.  And like Keisha, making this choice, may get you "fired"!  Then you'll have to stand before people, shed some tears and bite your lip to hold your peace.  Because having morals (today), does not make you popular.  It does not make your phone ring off the hook with demands for your gift/talents or put you at the front of the line.  It does not always grant you access into exclusive arenas, as a matter of fact, you might even get thrown into the lion's den.  Standing up for what's right and exercising your morals can be humiliating!  And honestly, when its you against the world, it doesn't feel good!  BUT, you can still win! If you hold fast to your morals, your integrity and the belief system of what is right (in God's eyes), eventually you will prevail and God will vindicate you!  Not only that, you'll be able to rest (not just sleep) at night, knowing that what you did was not popular but it was RIGHT! And according to my momma, "Right Always Comes Out Right", just give it time!

Lastly, yes, Keisha got fired, but Donald Trump personally gave her $25,000 for her organization and she walked out of Trump Tower with her head held high, her hair blowing in the wind and that beige cape coat like she was Olivia Pope!  Oh yes, she got fired but she still won! 

*NOTE: According to Keisha, at the time of filming, the sex allegations regarding Bill Cosby was not public, thus, it has NO bearing on the matter of her not calling him.

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