The Right Business Card Matters! October 30 2015 1 Comment

Your Business Card Matters

Although we're in this digital age where people email and text everything, a business card is still essential; so have yours ready and make sure its right! Here is a snippet from my handbook on a few key pointers to get a good, professional business card that shines:

1.  Business – keep your business cards about business. Do not use it to disclose any type of personal information, i.e., your home address. Consider a post office box for business use.

2.  Information – keep it simple. Include your name (with ministry title), location, telephone number, tag name on social media, email and website address. Add a professional picture (see no. 4).

3.  Layout - print words at a legible reading pitch (10-12) and avoid using too many colors. Don't allow graphics to overpower the information and do not feel pressured to utilize both sides of the card. Proofread once; then again!

4.  Photos – ONLY use high resolution photos taken by a professional photographer for best picture quality. Use a head shot (chest up). Keep the clothing conservative, and avoid all distractions with overdone makeup or heavy jewelry. DO NOT compromise in this area, a picture IS worth a thousand words.  Believe it!

5.  Printing – all graphics must be converted into a .jpeg file (or something compatible) in order to printed. Choose matte or glossy paper to give it a polished finish.

Once you have your business cards in hand, start networking!

Debora Hooper's Business Card - Sample

Business Card

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