Ministry Nuggets From Reknown Preachers! October 08 2015

Each of these preachers have over 30 years in ministry, grab these nuggets now!  

Hold fast to that which is good. Stay focused on things above. Never let them see you sweat; and always remember, no pity parties, just pause parties. God, who began a good work in you, shall bring it to completion. 

Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson-Cook – New York, NY

Remember, your gift will get you in the door, but integrity will keep you there.

Bishop Howard Tillman – Columbus, OH

If I had known better, one of the things that I encountered when I first started traveling is that I traveled alone. In doing so, I was not aware of the spiritual warfare and attack that comes before and after you minister. Having intercessors in place to pray specifically for travel while you go, while you’re there, and when you come back is vital, and something that I do not do without now. Back then I was experiencing a lot of spiritual warfare, and many times I found myself dropping the ball because I was not properly covered in prayer. But at this point in my life, intercession, and having the right people traveling with me who will really intercede and exercise the spirit of discernment, are the key things I have in place now that I didn’t have in place then.

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline E. McCullough – Pomona, NY

To those embarking and heeding the call of full-time ministry, I say: the ministry is like catching a flight: (1) you must arrive early but not expect to leave on time; (2) you must not carry too much baggage or you will pay an extra price; and finally (3) remember, the “take-off” is one day guaranteed but the “time of arrival” is estimated. Because you have the anointing, gift, and talent, still doesn’t mean its time to “fly.”

Dr. Todd M. Hall – Orlando, FL

Preparation is one of the key components in ministering effectively. There are various resources that one can use to ensure they are prepared. Commentaries, Seminaries, Bible Dictionaries, etc, are all vital in making sure that one is prepared to minister God’s Word successfully. It is imperative that ministers prepare themselves both physically and spiritually. Proper exercise and diet are key factors to maintaining our energy and stamina. Likewise, manuscripts, notes, and books are key components in enabling us to be effective in our ministry presentation.

Evangelist Susie C. Owens - Washington, DC

Pray, pray, pray, study, study, study, write, write, write. If a minister prays, he will hear from God; if a minister studies, he will be able to interpret the text and minister correctly to a contemporary audience; and if a minister writes, he’ll be better prepared to deliver his sermon!

Rev. Dr. J. Albert Bush – Bronx, NY

Those whom we are privileged to serve on a daily basis are faced with many issues. As a minister (or pastor), you can never allow an individual’s issue to become your issue. Always remain objective, using the Word of God as your barometer.

Bishop Brian D. Moore – Charleston, SC

Every minister should understand (i) exactly what their calling is; (ii) the importance of developing a relationship with their pastor to receive spiritual impartation; (iii) the principles of leadership and being committed to biblical preaching; and (iv) the necessity of developing a spirit of servanthood.

Bishop Cornelius Showell – Baltimore, MD

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