Girl, Put That Defibrillator Down! February 02 2016

A defibrillator! Really, girl? Single ladies, if you're in a relationship, its either alive or its dead! There are no 50 shades of grey to this one; its either black or white. No, seriously, if you cannot find a pulse, something that gives you just a ray of hope that the relationship is still alive, then I'm sorry to tell you, its dead!  But the real question is, why do we as women insist on trying to keep a relationship alive when its dead?

Look at you!  Every time you think he's leaving you, or the relationship is dying, you start running around with a defibrillator ... All Clear? Pump, pump! Come on, girl, you gotta know this relationship is over, right? I mean, I know you want a boo and all but you ain’t that cray, cray? You do see the signs, right? Single ladies, you know that relationship ain't no where near, where it used to be? Or for that matter, what it should be! You know it, he know it, and everybody else knows it! The two of you don't go anywhere. No walks, no dinners, no gifts. Y'all rarely talk. Your call back is a text and his visit is only sex! And now you're doing "drivebys" on his Facebook & Instagram page to see who he's with! Really? 

Girl, put that defibrillator down! Yeah, you heard me! Resuscitate, for what?! Ain't no life in that! Don't you deserve better! Don't you have the faith to believe God for something better! Don't you want to be loved, respected and treated like a lady? Don't you deserve someone that wants you as much as you want them? Well, stop trying to revive a dead relationship! If he doesn't want you, you'll never find a pulse to keep it alive, so bury that thing and move on!  Feeling to weak to do so or think he's going to come crawling back? Here's my solution: Tap your contacts, find his name and change it to, “Do Not Resuscitate”!  And when he calls, sit back, watch it ring and enjoy the moment! 


Excerpts taken from Hooper's Notes for Singles by Debora C. Hooper - Copyright January 2015
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