2018 Ministry Courses At The Academy January 03 2018 8 Comments


As The Ministry Coach, I am excited to announce the 2018 list of ministry courses that I'll be teaching this year in The Academy.  A synopsis of each topic is given for clarity below. Get ready to grow in your ministry gift and also become a #NoSurfacePreacher! 

(Note:  a FREE MP3 of each webinar is available for all Academy Members.) 

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How To Identify Your Ministry Gift

Every preacher has one of the gifts in the Five Fold Ministry and this topic is designed to avoid confusion and make sure you are clear on your calling and can distinguish exactly which ministry gift you possess or if there is another stirring! 


Sermon Preparation & Delivery

This topic will help preachers to explore the basics of Homiletics (the art of preaching) and how to put together a 3 point sermon.  In addition, the best tips on sermon delivery will be explored to make sure not only are your sermons effective but relevant!  


Preachers & Protocol

Protocol is defined as the right way to do a thing.  As an Ambassador of the Kingdom, it is imperative that preachers know what to do and when.  This topic will explore various areas of ministry that require your attention to ministry protocol so that you represent the Kingdom, yourself and your ministry with excellence and integrity!


Intergrading Social Media With Ministry

The first rule of thumb in Evangelism is to go where they are!  If souls are going to be won to Christ, then social media must be intergraded into ministry since that is where people are. This topic will address the various platforms of social media and what you need to do to expand your ministry and go "fishing"!


Small Churches And A Shoe String Budget

It's true that small churches operate on a small budget, but that doesn't mean vision has to be diminished. This topic will address abundant and practical ways to run a small church in a big way using just the members and finances you have!  Yes, its possible!


Millennials & Youth Ministry

Millennials and youth are both at the heart of a growing, vibrant church! This topic will address who they are, where they are, and how to reach them to grow your church and keep them engaged in worship.  


Pitfalls For Those In The Pulpit

Its unfortunate but the anointing attracts attack!  Since we aren't ignorant to Satan's devices, this topic will explore the many challenges ministers face in ministry on various levels and pitfalls ministers should be aware of. Lastly, an important look on the recovery process when a "preacher is down"!


Tips To Turn Your Content Into Coins

Regardless of whether you serve in ministry full time or part time, with much transition in church attendance, your finances can be come compromised.  Content 'N Coins helps provide ministers with a view on how to obtain another stream of income using ministry content already created.  


The Business Side of Ministry

It doesn't matter if you have an aspiring, new or established church/ministry, every ordained minister must be aware of the business aspect of ministry.  This topic will address the necessary paperwork from ministerial services rendered, to incorporation and amendments.


"Must Have" Books For Preachers

Included with The Academy is a Book Club which focuses upon exposing ministers to books that can strengthen their theology, devotion and ministry while at the same time helping to make their Minister's Library a viable resource.  One book is recommended each month along with a downloadable review by The Ministry Coach.


The Senior Pastors Gathering

The Ministry Coach hosts sessions with all senior pastors of The Academy.  These sessions are designed to address church conflicts and issues with a degree of transparency that will strengthen senior pastors.  Downloadable products are only accessible to senior pastors.


Note:  This list is not complete and any topic is subject to change by leading of the Holy Spirit.