Timing Is Everything! September 23 2015

Timing Is Everything!

Frustration, anger and bitterness are only a few of those ugly emotions that come because we don't have what we want, when we want it and the only thing we can do is wait! As unfortunate as it is, on the contrary, when the timing is right to have what we need, its right! That's the advantage of waiting on God for what we need. In these times of great panic, over bills, health, employment, or relationships, we have to pause and remember that God is in control and He releases what we need, exactly when we need it; when the timing is right!

Don't like waiting?  Want to jump ahead of God and do your own thing? Then let me warn you that you will only have to wait TWICE!  Don't let your flesh push you to go ahead of God and miss YOUR moment.  Timing matters and more importantly, it matters to God, because He only wants the best for you! So even though things may be out of control, God is in control; so just be patient and put your trust in Him. He's amazing and if you trust Him, you'll see, His timing is everything! 

Your blessing might be delayed but its not denied!  Hallelujah!