Spiritual Sabbaticals May 31 2015

Reset Button!

Sometimes Christians need a spiritual sabbatical; even leaders!  Its not uncommon to find ourselves at times in a spiritual slump where were are habitual in our sins. While we know with the aid of the Holy Spirit, we should be able to live right, sometimes we don't and go left! And when those times come, we simply may need to hit the reset button and catch ourselves before we become an embarrassment to ourselves as well as others.  

For the believer, holy living, through Jesus Christ, is possible! We don't have to live messy lives, at least not deliberately.  But if you find yourself doing so, here are three things to think about to help you determine if you need to take a spiritual sabbatical. 

1. Others watching can stumble - there are people everywhere, including our close family members, who watch us live out our faith as Believers and can become confused and stumble because of our inconsistent Christian living.

2. Leadership requires responsibility - to whom much is given much is required.  Thus, leaders are held to a higher standard of Christian living and you have a responsibility to keep that standard.  Any room for compromise or (continued) ungodly behavior should warrant a sabbatical from one's position.

3. Your anointing will lift - Samson, in his final tenure as a Judge and Prophet, is a prime example of what happens when we become too entangled with worldly associations; failure in spiritual exploits and it happens to the best of us!

Preacher, we all know where we are spiritually and if you need to take some time off to "renew your strength", speak with your Pastor and do so. In the meantime, I believe when you have a repentant heart, it allows God an opportunity to restore you and your anointing! Spiritual sabbaticals can be a blessing, so if you need one, or two, take it but don't keep going until like Samson, you discover all your "oil" is gone!

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