Preacher, What Is That You Have On? June 13 2015


After watching the new docuseries by Lifetime called "Preach", I thought I'd write a brief blog to discuss what is proper protocol for ministry attire.  First of all, ministers can't wear whatever we want in the pulpit! If we do, unfortunately, we run the risk of members in our congregations doing the same and that just sounds like major trouble (especially with today's fashion)!

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't be fashionable, or must refrain from wearing casual clothes to church, but as the Scripture says, whenever you do, you should be modest. Furthermore, for women in ministry, this issue becomes more complex. So I'll say in simplicity, before leaving home, look in the mirror, and when in doubt, leave it out!  

View this ministry video on casual wear and clergy wear in the pulpit and also my recommendation of several ministry books that address ministry protocol.