"Preach" Review - Episode 2 June 17 2015

It's true that I have a passion to teach and train ministers and each time I see another episode of Lifetime's reality show, "Preach", it prompts me to share some of the information I've learned with you so that you don't make the same mistakes they've made, I've made or have seen other ministers make.
Episode 2 of "Preach", highlights four prophetesses (Belinda Scott, Taketa Williams, Linda Roark and Kelly Crews) and their proteges, who are aspiring to ministry.  The show opens and explodes with all types of personal and ministry issues, which brings great conflict to the mentor and mentee.  If you desire mentoring, view this video and hear my godly wisdom on these issues.  Doing so can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your mentor and also upgrade your level of excellence as you go out to minister!  As I often say, "know before you go"!

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