Push! Work That Business! November 17 2015 2 Comments


Sometimes things don't work simply because we just don't work them! Let's admit it! Sometimes we get lazy, or we become depressed from all kinds of situations; anything that comes our way to set us back and block our flow! Real leaders and entrepreneurs know what I'm saying! I know it's not easy when you've got a business or ministry that's not doing well, but if you've got a vision deep down on the inside of you, you can't quit! You've got to pull up your bootstraps and get back in the game and work your business!  By the way, I believe you're so close to getting your breakthrough, I wanted you to hear this powerful word from Bishop Eric Garnes on working your business!  As you listen, open your heart and receive it, and remember, if God gave it to you, it'll work, if you just work it! 

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