View From Coast To Coast With Periscope! December 06 2015

Periscope! Have you heard about it? It's the new app that's everyone's using in the social media world! I know you feel like you don't need another app, but Periscope is one that is truly beneficial for any ministry leader or entrepreneur. Periscope is a FREE livestream app that allows viewers to visually explore your world from coast to coast ... in real time!

With Periscope, you now have an opportunity to bring your fans and followers closer into your world and to connect them even more to your ministry, product or brand. Let them view your rehearsal before a concert, see you at a book signing, or doing a lecture.  You can even do a live Q & A with your followers, right there on the stream!  All they have to do is sign on and when you ask a question, they can answer it immediately on the stream! Yes! Its amazing and there's nothing to download, upload, buy or get. Just tap the app and you're streaming or watching someone else stream.  Recently I periscoped my gym session and spoke with my followers about keeping their body fit.  I also saw actor Kevin Hart, singer India Arie and a few other artists performing in New Orleans at EssenceFest all via Periscope for FREE!

Take this advantage to enlarge your territory and bring your followers closer to your ministry, product or world!  Download Periscope today, its worth it! 


Click here to download an article to learn more about Periscope, and when you're on, follow me @deborahooper too! 

*Twitter accounts link to Periscope.