Teach Me To Livestream (For Ministry Leaders)

$ 24.99

Pastors! Ministers!  In light of the pandemic, online worship has become our new normal. As a Pastor and Ministry Coach, I understand the struggle that many ministry leaders have with transitioning from a church setting to online worship.  Having said, after 8 years of worshipping online, I'm teaching ministry leaders what I know in order to host the best conference calls and livestreams possible, even if you're not techy! 

Here's some of what you learn:

  • Facebook Live and Zoom
  • Conference Calls
  • Online Giving
  • Equipment, Lighting
  • Soloist, Music, Emails, and more!

Ministry Leaders! Order this video and learn how to not only bring your online worship as close to your church worship as possible but also how to engage your members and utilize them in the worship too! 

Note:   Video only due to visuals. 

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