Course: Systematic Theology

$ 29.99

Take a Theology Class Online! Some call it Systematic Theology and others call it Christian Doctrine but the study is the same; what the Bible has to say about a particular subject and understanding it in a systematic format. 
Online courses are a great to save time and have access to Bible material 24/7!

Subjects Include:

  • Definition of Christian Doctrine
  • Theology (Study of God)
  • Soteriology (Study of Salvation)
  • Angelology (Study of Angels)
  • Demonology (Study of Demons)
  • Pneumatology (Study of the Holy Spirit)
  • Christology (Study of Jesus Christ)
  • Hamartiology (Study of Sin)
  • Anthropology (Study of Man)
  • Eschatology (Study of Last Things)

    Courses available in Audio, Video or Written Notes. 

    *Note:  This is a non-accredited course


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