Book - How To Use The Strong's Concordance Effectively

$ 34.99

Other than the Bible, there is no other book more necessary for the preacher than a Concordance! In this video presentation, I take you step by step and show you exactly how to use this book to make your bible study and sermons come alive like never before!  If you've never been to bible school, you're in for a real treat as well as an upgrade in your sermon delivery!

What You Learn:

  • How To Easily Locate Any Word/Scripture In The Bible 
  • The ORIGINAL (Hebrew/Greek) Meaning Of Biblical Words 
  • How To Effectively Use Your Research In Your Sermons

Also, learn more about the following subjects and their meaning in the text!

    • The Laws of the Bible
    • Harmony of the Gospels
    • The Jewish Calendar & Feasts
    • Prophecies & Fulfillment of Christ
    • Parables & Miracles of Jesus Christ
    • Prayers of the Bible

Available in Video (mp4)

*Note: For best results, I highly recommend your Strong's Concordance contain the Appendix Section.

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