Book - The Making Of A Leader

$ 12.99

Preachers are NOT just preachers, they are Ministry Leaders!  However, understanding who you are and your responsibilities as a leader in the local church can be frustrating without any guidance.  My review of this book can give you a fuller understanding of your ministry gift and those you are called to serve. 

Here are some of my highlights:

  • Defining A Ministry Leader
  • The Background, Conflicts and Twisted Images of Leadership
  • Ministry Gifts In The Body of Christ - 5 Fold Ministry and Laity
  • Elders - Definition, Operation and Function
  • How To Choose Co-Laborers To Work With You In Ministry
  • The Preparation Process For Ministry
  • God's 4 Phases of Ministry: Appointment, Separation, Calling & Sending
  • Real Talk On Your Response To The Ministry Call
  • Pastors and The Types of Sheep (Members) In Your Church
  • What The Anointing Is and IS NOT; and more!

Preacher! Don't just download the webinar, make sure you get this book in your Minister's Library too! Use it for yourself and as a resource for those leaders God has assigned to you. Click here to purchase your copy on Amazon now!

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