Finding A New Church Building

$ 12.99

Church hunting isn't easy and its time consuming.  After moving around a few times, I should know. That's why I created a webinar with tips on what to look for, what works and what to avoid to save you time when finding your new place of worship.  Pictures of my former place of worship are included to enhance the teaching.  This webinar also has great ideas for Pastors who wish to upgrade/change their worship environment. 

What You Learn:  

  • Location! Location! Location!
  • Renting Options
  • Worship Styles (Traditional vs. Non-Traditional)
  • How To Present An Attractive Church (exterior and interior)
  • Cheap Ways To Market Your Church
  • How To Implement The Pastor's Salary 
  • Developing Your Music Ministry
  • Accomodating Guest Preachers In A Small Church
  • Q & A with The Ministry Coach

    Available in Audio and Video Formats.

    (Formerly Finding A Place of Worship)

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