The Armorbearer and Adjutant

$ 12.99

Do you feel a passion to serve leaders? If so, I know you want to serve with excellence and that's why I've asked my expert to join me in discussing this important topic so that you can move seamlessly in your ministry assignment. 

What You Learn:

  • Identifying The Call As An Adjutant/Armorbearer
  • The Distinction Between An Adjutant & Armorbearer
  • Responsibilities Involved  
  • Sacrificing To Serve With Excellence
  • Knowing Your Pastor's Needs
  • Do's & Don'ts of Adjutants & Armorbearers
  • Ministry Attire For Adjutants & Armorbearers; and more!

About Our Guest - Bishop Hayward Smith II is the Senior Pastor of the Mount Hermon Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA.  He has served in various circles as an Episcopal Consultant for matters of liturgy and ecclesiastical protocol.  He is a member of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops (Archbishop J. Delano Ellis, II, President).  Email:

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