Prophets and Prophecy

$ 19.99

Whether you're called to the ministry of the Prophet or simply want clarity on a prophetic Word, my guest, Archbishop Bernard E. Jordan, The Master Prophet, carries the most trusted name in prophecy and in this webinar he unveils his wisdom and veteran ministry experience in the area of the prophetic. 

What You Learn:

  • The Call Of The Prophet
  • How To Develop Your Prophetic Gift
  • Judging Prophecy
  • Why Prophecies Fail
  • Women And The Prophetic
  • Biblical Prophecy 
  • Understanding The Grace To Prophesy
  • Sowing Into A Prophet
  • Why You Can't Receive Every Prophecy
  • How To Receive A Prophet 
  • Submitting To Your Assigned Leader As A Prophet
  • When You Know, It's Not God; and more

About Our Guest: Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan is based in New York City and has a prophetic ministry spans over 43 years. His ministry has and has brought him before the common man to Kings & Queens of Africa. He is the Founder & Pastor of Zoe Ministries and the School of the Prophets and the author of a plethora of books on prophecy and prosperity.  Website at 

     Available in Audio (MP3) and Video (MP4) format.

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