Strong Preaching Points Matter!

$ 19.99

Preacher! The strength of the sermon is the "meat on the bones"! This is what makes regular preachers, #NoSurfacePreachers; because they go deeper into the Word!

Using the sermon entitled Ignore Them,The Ministry Coach skillfully demonstrates what strong points do to make a text come alive!  

What You Learn:

  • How To Determine The Tension In The Text
  • Ways To Discover The Most Minor Details
  • Why Comparative Bible Study Is Important To A Sermon
  • The Importance Of A Concordance 
  • Why The Original Language Of A Text Matters
  • How To Make Your Congregation Thirst For The Word; and more

Bonus: 15 Recommended Resources

Available in Audio (mp3) and Video (mp4) formats.

*Formerly Dissecting The Sermon

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