With three decades of ministry under her belt, for the last 15 years, Dr. Debora Hooper, has carried the burden and passion to train and develop pastors and ministers on how to do ministry and "get results"!

In 2006, while traveling as a National Evangelist, Dr. Hooper published Hooper’s Evangelist & Minister’s Handbook.  This complete “how to” handbook is a favorite among preachers and used in bible schools, churches and ordination services. Book endorsements include former PAW  Presider, Bishop Charles Ellis, III, Rev. Dr. Jacqueline McCullough and other national leaders. 

In 2015, Dr. Hooper established Hooper Ministry Academy, a global, online training and resource center for pastors and ministers.  As The Ministry Coach, she has taught over 200+ courses via Zoom webinars and produced a variety of ministry products ranging from the ministry call to sermon preparation to practical ministry courses.  Dr. Hooper's commitment and passion to equip preachers has led to testimonies of theological growth, ordinations, pastoral installations, increase in preaching invites, church growth and more! 

Noted as hip hop's first rapper turned preacher, Dr. Hooper is presently the Pastor of Greater Works Worship Center, one of the earliest churches to transition exclusively to online worship. During the COVID19 pandemic, Dr. Hooper became sought after among ministry leaders for her expertise on how to market and effectively host online worship.  

Lastly, each week Dr. Hooper provides ministry tips and relevant ministry content via Facebook livestreams at @TheMinistryCoach.