Dr. Debora Hooper, also known as MC Debbie D, is hip hop's first rapper turned preacher! Shortly after her Christian conversion at Greater Emmanuel Temple under Bishop Allen McDaniel, Dr. Hooper was ordained an Evangelist under the Salvation and Deliverance Churches (the late Apostle William Brown). Her theological training was attained at Hugee Theological Institute in Harlem, New York, where she earned five theological degrees including a M. Div. and D. Min. (both summa cum laude).  While Dr. Hooper matriculated in her studies and served as a Theological Professor at Hugee, she was also called to full time ministry. For the last three decades, she has travelled extensively throughout America and the Caribbean as an Itinerant Evangelist, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  During the interim, she received the title of National Evangelist of Pilgrim Assemblies, under the late ArchBishop Roy E. Brown.

Dr. Hooper’s extensive work as an Evangelist led her to turn her dissertation on evangelism into her first published work, Hooper’s Evangelist and Minister’s Handbook. This tell all, “how to” ministry handbook became an international best seller for new and seasoned preachers and pastors. Book endorsements include former PAW Presider, Bishop Charles Ellis, III, Bishop Jacqueline McCullough, Dr. Rita Twiggs, Bishop Eric McDaniel, Bishop Howard Tillman and her pastor, the late Bishop Charles J. Reed.

Continuing her passion to prepare and develop preachers for ministry, in 2015, Dr. Hooper established Hooper Ministry Academy. As Founder and Ministry Coach, she has taught over 200+ live ministry courses which are readily accessible to preachers through online Zoom webinars and downloads. Courses range from sermon preparation to pastoral training and consultations. Students in the subscription based Academy have experienced theological growth, ordinations, pastoral installations, ministry invites, church growth and more!

Lastly, for almost two decades, Dr. Hooper has served as Pastor of Greater Works Worship Center. Her church is one of the earliest churches to fully convert to online worship, making her a sought after Ministry Coach as pastors suddenly shifted worship services online during the height of the COVID19 pandemic.

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