Academy Members - Get Started!

As your new Ministry Coach, I am so excited that you have joined The Academy!  This is a great place to receive a spiritual impartation that can help you excel in ministry in so many areas.  To get you started, I'll need you to do four (4) things so you can get access to webinars, livestreams and special emails for Academy Members.   




  • Click here on the website to create an account and password. It will give you access to the Academy Products Page to download ministry videos to your computer.    
  • Click here to sign up for the exclusive Academy Members Only email list.
  • Click on the photo below to join the Academy - Facebook Page.  Turn on your notifications to receive an alert for any new post or livestreams.  
  • Download the Zoom App (Free) to join the live webinars. Check your email or spam folder, for log on information. 

That's it!  Once these 4 things are done, you have membership access to The Academy.

Webinars:  emails are sent between 12 noon and 3 PM day of webinar.  All changes or announcements are posted in the Academy Facebook Page and/or sent via email. 

    Note:  The Academy is membership based with a paid subscription.  If Paypal fails to capture your monthly fee, ALL access to The Academy, its products, webinars and livestreams are denied until payment has been satisfied.  For any questions, email The Ministry Coach at 



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