Book Review - Preacher's Kids (PK)

$ 9.99

Dr. Phyllis Carter's book, Silent Sufferers is so powerful, I used it to talk about my personal struggles with balancing being a preacher and auntie/mom to my niece and nephew, who I raised. This book review will give you loads of insight on how to raise your babies and protect them too, as you do ministry! 

What You Learn:

  • PKs are Not Like Other Kids 
  • Expectations
  • Church Issues For Church Kids
  • Why PKs Abandon Church
  • Seeing Ministry Thru A Preacher's Kids Eyes
  • When You Parent And Pastor Too
  • Healing For PKs; and more

Available in audio (MP3) and video (MP4) format.

 Click here to hear what the author of this book has to say! 

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