Preacher's Kids (PK)

$ 9.99

Having raised a niece and nephew as a travelling Evangelist for 20 years, The Ministry Coach opens this taboo subject and speaks from real life experiences to help you better balance raising your kids while doing ministry! 

What You Learn:

  • PKs are Not Like Other Kids 
  • The Pressure To Perform and Live Up To Expectations
  • Issues At Church
  • Why Preacher's Kids Grow Up and Abandon Church
  • Seeing Ministry Thru A Preacher's Kids Eyes
  • The Parent Who's Your Pastor Too
  • Healing Wounded PKs; and more

Available in audio (MP3) and video (MP4) format.

Excerpts of the book, Silent Sufferers is used. Click here to hear what the author of this book has to say! 

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