Help For Grants, NonProfits and Graphic Design

$ 12.99

If you have a church you definitely have a need for funds! And you don't have to continue to use your own money! Jennifer Yarbrough is an expert on how to start a non profit, and write grants for six figures!  Linda Watson is great person on graphic design for all your graphic needs whether its for a book, website or flyer.  Both of these women are my "go to" for grants and graphics!

What You Learn:

  • How To Start A NonProfit Organization
  • Fundraising Ideas
  • How To Discover Money For Grants 
  • Graphics - What You Need To Know For Websites and Flyers
    Read About Our Expert Panelists Here
    Jennifer Yarbrough - The Grant Guru
    Linda Watson - Graphics Designer

    Click here for Dawniel Winningham's webinar 

    Available in Visual (mp4) and Audio (mp3)

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