How To Become A Chaplain

$ 12.99

Feel a passion to serve mankind? How about becoming a Chaplain!  Whether you are a pastor, minister or layperson, my guests have over 100 plus years of combined experience in the field and can start you on your journey to becoming a licensed, certified Chaplain!

 What You Learn:

  • Websites and Conferences For Chaplains
  • How To Get Credentials And Accreditation (And Spot Fake Facilities)
  • Responsibilities of Military, Prison and Hospital Chaplains
  • Volunteer and Employment Positions For Chaplains
  • How To Qualify To Be A Chaplain
  • Clergy vs. Chaplains
  • How To Help Your Church As A Chaplain
  • Testimonies of Veteran Chaplains and more

Our Expert Chaplain Panelists:  

Bishop Eric P.  Brown, Director in Ministerial Services (NYC, DOC)

Bishop Jamie J. Johnson, Prison Chaplain (Macon, Georgia DOC)

Rev. Dr. Carolyn Yard, Former Hospital Chaplain for Cornell Burn Unit (NY)

Pastor William J. Hopkins, Licensed Chaplain (NY) (not pictured)

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