How To Create Streams of Income

$ 9.99

My online guest, Dawniel Winningham, The Quit Coach, is killing the game when it comes to building your business online as an entrepreneur!  Thousands of people follow her online for inspiration and tips on quitting their jobs and following their passion and purpose.  Here's what she shared:

  • The Exit Strategy 
  • Money Is In Your Mouth
  • Creating Income With What You Have
  • Telling Your Story And Getting Paid For It
  • Finding Money In Everyday Ideas 
  • How To Launch Your Business, Successfully 


Dawniel Patterson Winningham is America’s Leading Quit Coach.  She is a Former JP Morgan Chase Vice President, who left corporate America to live her dream of helping others.  Although a best selling author of multiple books, who has been featured in over 100 magazines, her passion is to empower others to QUIT THEIR JOB and live their dreams . Click here to visit Dawniel's website and follow her daily on Facebook and Periscope for practical tips and techniques for aspiring entrepreneurs!



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