How To Prepare A Sermon

$ 119.99

As a new preacher, in order to prepare your sermons correctly, you may need The Ministry Coach to show you how to build a sermon and move from point a to point b; keeping things in tact. This is the art of preaching or what we call Homiletics.
To learn this process, download this webinar and start practicing on how to properly develop and preach your sermons, effectively!

What You Learn:

  • Defining Homiletics - The Art of Preaching 
  • The Preacher and the Sermon 
  • Choosing The Right Text For You
  • How To Get The Correct Meaning Of A Text
  • How To Get the Sermon Title  
  • 3 Parts To Building Your Sermon 
  • How To Develop Your Preaching Points 
  • How To Keep Your Audience Engaged In Your Sermon 
  • Moving From The Conclusion To The Altar Call 
  • Suggested Resources For Sermon Preparation & Delivery

Available in Audio (MP3) and Video (MP4) 

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