How To Set Up Your Church

$ 12.99

Setting up a ministry or church and ready to get incorporated? Church Business Consultant, Apostle Willie Tolbert, gives answers to what to do and where you start!

This product covers:

  • Name Search and Church Registration
  • IRS Filing Requirements 
  • Types of Business Entities (Profit, NonProfit, LLC, etc.)
  • EIN and Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Constitution & By Laws  (New and Amended)
  • 501(c)(3) Status
  • State Exemptions; and more!

About Our Guest:

Apostle Willie Tolbert25 year veteran Business Consultant, Apostle Willie Tolbert is the Pastor of Yes Lord Ministries of East Orange, NJ and has assisted countless pastors, business owners, and entrepreneurs with setting up (or dissolving) their church or business.  Apostle Tolbert is a licensed Independent Associate of Legal Shield and also has two published works: Biblical Financial Stewardship Made Simple and Complete Deliverance. Click here for more info and to contact Apostle Willie Tolbert for a private consultation..

Available Formats: Audio (MP3) and Video (MP4)

Also, click here for info on how to search and register your church or business with government offices in your state.