Evangelist and Minister's Handbook

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Chapters In The Book:

The Minister's Call

  1. The Definition of an Evangelist
  2. The Qualifications of an Evangelist (Male and Female)
  3. 12 Types of Evangelists (Licensed, Ordained, Prophetic, Full Time, etc.)

    The Minister's Preparation

    1. The Minister's Groundwork (Bios, School, Clergy Attire)
    2. The Minister and the Biblical Library (Suggested Ministry Books)
    3. The Minister and Public Speaking (Tips To Connect With Audience)
    4. The Minster and the Preached Word (Sermon Preparation & Delivery)

    The Minister's Work

    1. The Minister and the Field (Go, Ye Therefore ...)
    2. The Minister and Types of Ministries (Radio, TV, Outreach, etc.)
    3. The Minister and Remuneration (Honorariums)

    The Minister's Visit

    1. Transportation (Travel Tips)
    2. Lodging (Discussing Travel Expenses)
    3. Wardrobe (Packing To Preach)
    4. Travel Checklist (Create Your List)
    5. Armorbearers (Qualifications & Responsibilities)
    6. Musicians (How To Flow, Not Fight)

    The Minister's Life

    1. Health
    2. Stress
    3. Depression
    4. Personal Devotion


    1. Wisdom From Preachers Nationwide  
    2. Sinner's Prayer
    3. Ministerial Terms
    4. FAQs and more


        "Debora shares from her experiences, many insights, intricacies and nuances of the preacher. - Pastor Jacqueline McCullough

        "This is the handbook that ministers and evangelists have needed for years". - Dr. Rita Twiggs

        "Masterfully covers just about every area of interaction between the invited minister and the church".  Bishop Charles Ellis 

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