Book Review - PKs and The Minister's Wife

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This powerful discussion drawn from the book Silent Sufferers written by Author, Dr. Phyllis Carter address the often taboo topic of the life and (unfair) challenges of PKs and The Minister's Wife.  Being a Mother of four girls and a Pastor's wife, Dr. Carter speaks candidly about unfair treatment from the congregation, unrealistic expectations, and "lonely corner" and more but also how she learned to heal, overcome public opinion and help her daughters find their place in the Kingdom!

About The Author:

Dr. Phyllis CarterDr. Phyllis E. Carter has been a Christian for over 60 years and has earned three Master's Degrees and a Doctorate Degree in Ministry from the New York Theological Seminary. She has served in ministry for over 52 years and utilized her gifts for over 34 years as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Dr. Carter is the Pastor of Refuge Apostolic Church of Christ in Freeport, NY, where she serves with her husband of 54 years, Apostle Ronald H. Carter, Sr.  They have 4 beautiful daughters to their union, who are after much experience, healthy and whole, PKs!  Contact Dr. Carter at 516-868-0400.

Dr. Carter's Literary Works Include:

  • Pastor’s Rib & His Flock
  • The Silent Sufferers  
  • The Liberation of African American Clergy Wives 

The Silent Sufferers

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