Integrating Social Media and Ministry

$ 24.99

Looking to grow your church or increase your online ministry?  Not sure how Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms can be beneficial to your church? Let The Ministry Coach show you the benefits of integrating social media into your ministry and how it can expand your reach and breathe new life back into your church!


  • How Social Media Benefits Churches
  • Which Best Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Church
  • Livestreams - Pros and Cons
  • Interacting With Your Online Followers 
  • The Power of Hashtags (#) 
  • How To Move Your Online Audience To Your Church
  • Easy Steps To Set Up Online Giving
  • How Google Can Help Get Your Church Noticed 
  • 3 Easy Ways To Get Your Members Involved Online

Available in Audio (MP3) and Video (MP4) formats. 

*Note: This presentation includes slides. VIDEO (MP4) is suggested