For over 30 years, Dr. Debora Hooper, has been serving in ministry as an International Evangelist and Pastor. With an anointing and passion to also teach, in 2013, she launched Hooper Ministry Academy, an online forum to train pastors and ministers for ministry. To date, The Ministry Coach has taught over 600 online courses (several previous courses listed here). 

In 2023, Dr. Hooper has been using her best selling 316 page book, Hooper's Evangelist and Minister's Handbook, to train preachers. Each online session includes a session on each chapter which includes ministry callings, ordination, bible schools, clergy attire, sermon prep, armorbearers, honorariums, altar calls, ministry invites, travel, ministry resources and more!

If you have questions about ministry or in need of training, don't go it alone or continue to struggle, join us online at Hooper Ministry Academy and let the Ministry Coach train you! Click here to learn more about Hooper Ministry Academy! Click here to learn more about the Ministry Coach!



ENDORSEMENTS BY: Bishop Jacqueline McCullough, Bishop Charles Ellis, III, Bishop Howard Tillman, Bishop Eric McDaniel and Apostle Rita Twiggs.