As a Ministry Coach at Hooper Ministry Academy, I specialize in teaching online courses to train preachers and pastors who are called to do ministry!  If you're new in ministry and lack training on how to prepare sermons, find yourself struggling to pastor your church, want to increase your ministry presence online, or can't attend a Bible School but desire to grow more in your ministry, you've come to the right place for help!  

At Hooper Ministry Academy, I share over 30 years of ministry experience I've gained as an Itinerant Evangelist, Pastor and online Ministry Coach.  Each week I teach live ministry classes online via Zoom; no need to travel!  The following day, each webinar is available for download, for you to keep and replay again and again, learning at your own pace! 

Preacher, every Elisha needs an Elijah! If you're tired of struggling in ministry and have ministry questions you need answered, don't wait! Click here to join Hooper Ministry Academy or to learn more about how I can help you succeed in ministry! 

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