At Hooper Ministry Academy we specialize in training and providing pastors and ministers with the right ministry tools and strategies to "get results in ministry"! If you're tired of struggling all week to prepare your sermons or don't know where to begin to jumpstart a new church, or set up your livestream to build a ministry online, you might need to work with The Ministry Coach!

With the capacity to teach members face to face via Zoom webinars, each ministry class at The Academy is live and easier to access. Missed the class, download the webinar, watch the replay and learn at your own pace!  Either way, preachers can now get their ministry questions answered right when you need them! 

Preacher, most ministers struggle in ministry not because they lack the anointing but because they lack the help they need to succeed; that's why Elisha had Elijah!  If you're serious about your ministry call and feel Spirit-led to connect with The Ministry Coach, join Hooper Ministry Academy or learn more about it by clicking here!

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