I've been doing ministry now for the last 30 years, predominately as an International Evangelist.  After publishing my first book, Hooper's Evangelist and Minister's Handbook, I developed a passion for teaching pastors and ministers and helping them excel in ministry.  For many years, I was teaching in seminary and church bible schools but over the last several years, God shifted me to training preachers online in order to reach more leaders who needed my services. My clients are located throughout America, the Caribbean and England and love the fact that The Ministry Coach is only one click away to assist them in their ministry needs!  If you're struggling in ministry, desperately looking for help or have questions on how to do ministry in this techy world, let The Ministry Coach help you at Hooper Ministry Academy!  All of my courses are online (saving you time and money on travel and high registration fees) and you only need a computer or mobile device so you can watch me teach courses live via webinars and livestreams or download them when you're free and learn at your own pace.  Click the box below to learn more and how to join The Academy. You can also browse my ministry products and leave your email address so we can stay in touch. I hope you join me soon, my ministry tips might be the answer you need today!  


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