Welcome to my website! Most people are quite familiar with me from being an Itinerant Evangelist for almost three decades and my best selling book, Hooper's Evangelist & Ministers Handbook.  However, if you're new to me, you will quickly learn that I have a passion for helping pastors and ministers get results in ministry! I often say no matter how anointed and gifted you are, "you can't do what you don't know"! So if you're having challenges in ministry, that's where I come in!

Ministry Coaching Opportunities For:

New Pastors
Aspiring Pastors
Pastors With Small Churches
Transitional Pastors
New Ministers
Aspiring Ministers
Pastors & Ministers Seeking Ministry Opportunities
*(New - under 10-15 years)
Ways I Can Help You:
Hooper's Coaching Academy
FREE Ministry Coaching via Periscope
One-on-One Private Ministry Coaching
Ministry Training via Webinars
Online Ministry Courses
Ministry Blogs and more

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