I've been doing ministry now for the last 30 years, predominately as an International Evangelist ministering to women, singles and youth.  However, over the last 13 years, the Lord has given me a burden to use my ministry expertise to train pastors and ministers in the area of protocol and clergy development.  In 2006, I published my first book, Hooper's Evangelist and Minister's Handbook, which has been an overwhelming success among clergy.  As a result, I became highly sought after to write articles as a Ministry Columnist for several Christian newspapers and online magazines.

Today, however, with the expansive reach via the internet and live streaming, I now serve as The Ministry Coach at Hooper Ministry Academy and teach a plethora of relevant ministry topics and practical solutions for pastors and ministers.  Through this online forum, my clients are located throughout America, and as far as the Caribbean and England and love the fact that The Ministry Coach is only one click away to assist them in their ministry needs!

If you're struggling in ministry, can't get to a Bible School or don't have a mentor, and you're serious about training for your ministry calling, let The Ministry Coach help you!  All courses are taught online (saving you time and money on travel and high registration fees) and free downloads are available for replays so you can learn at your own pace!  Click here to learn more and how to join The Academy.  Hooper Ministry Academy helps you get RESULTS in ministry!  


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