Meet The Ministry Coach


With over three decades of ministry, Dr. Debora C. Hooper is an International Evangelist, Conference Speaker and best selling Author of Hooper's Evangelist & Minister's Handbook. As a seasoned, anointed and well respected Ministry Coach, Dr. Hooper has singlehandedly taught over 600 online ministry courses to preachers throughout America, United Kingdom and the Caribbean! Her most popular courses and products include:

The Seven Last Words 
Teach Me To Livestream
Homiletics/Sermon Prep
Clergy Attire  

Dr. Hooper, an avid student of the Word and proponent of education, holds one secular and five theological degrees including a M. Div. and D. Min. (both summa cum laude) from Hugee Theological Institute in Harlem, NY. Former ministry positions include Youth Spiritual Supervisor, Theological Professor, National Evangelist and National Director of Evangelism, to name a few.

Prior to ministry, Debora Hooper, who was born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx during her teens, cultivated her gift of speaking on the mic during her rise as MC Debbie D, one of the first female rappers during the origin of hip hop. As an early female Emcee in a male dominated genre, Debbie D's bodacious voice and lyrical skill set inspired her to branch out from a male crew and make history as hip hop's first female solo rapper! During her rap career, she appeared in the iconic movie, Beat Street, recorded several rap singles and received numerous awards and citations. Her work is highlighted in the AA Smithsonian, Netflix, books, movies, films, museums and other mediums. Her greatest testimony is that after her conversion to Christianity, God put the mic back into her hands, raising her up as one of today's most prolific and sought after women preachers in the Kingdom!

Follow Dr. Hooper on all social media @deborahooper or on Facebook @TheMinistryCoach.