Meet The Ministry Coach



Dr. Debora Hooper is an international evangelist, best selling author, ministry coach and an anointed woman of God who, over the last three decades, has committed her life to Christ and the Gospel Ministry. Today, her passion is teaching clergy men and women how to be effective leaders and relevant preachers in an ever changing society.

Born and raised in Harlem and The Bronx, New York, Dr. Hooper's career as a speaker began at the age of five while singing and reciting Easter speeches during worship services. Later, she recited poetry, then during Hip Hop's inception, migrated to the mic as MC Debbie D, making history as hip hop's first female MC soloist! 

After her conversion to Christ, MC Debbie D, the first rapper turned preacher, became a student of the Word at Hugee Theological Institute. Under their tutelage, she earned five theological degrees including a M. Div. and D. Min. (both summa cum laude)! Throughout her ministry career, Dr. Hooper held esteemed titles such as Youth Spiritual Supervisor, Associate Minister, Theological Professor, National Evangelist and National Director of Evangelism. She has served as a member of Friendly Baptist Church, Greater Emmanuel Temple and Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem, respectively. 

Presently, Dr. Hooper resides in East Orange, New Jersey and serves as the Virtual Pastor of Greater Works Worship Center.   

For ministry livestreams, follow Dr. Debora Hooper on all social media @deborahooper or on Facebook @TheMinistryCoach.