The Pectoral Cross - How And When To Wear It! June 01 2016 11365 Comments

Today, many ministry leaders are dressing quite casual in the church during worship services.  However, this post will address, in short, proper protocol when wearing the pectoral cross with clergy and casual attire.

The pectoral cross is usually large in size, overlaid in gold or silver and hangs from a black or specific color cord or metal chain (depending upon the minister's office/rank). The design of each cross is the minister's preference. The cross is worn for ceremonial services such as high worship, weddings, ordination, installation, funerals, consecration services. 

Whenever clergy ROBES are worn, if the cross is worn, it should be visible to the public.  If worn with CIVIC ATTIRE, the cross is NEVER visible and is always placed in the pocket of the clergy shirt.  Placing the cross in the left pocket of the clergy shirt keeps it close to the heart, and aids as a constant reminder to the minister, of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, and all that it means, when he/she is rendering ministry service.

Because the cross is a part of the minister's holy vestments and articles, the minister should REFRAIN from wearing it with casual attire (non clergy clothing) so that it is not viewed as fashion jewelry, an item non-clergy might be tempted to wear, diminishing its significance to clergy.

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