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Hooper Ministry Academy is an online forum for pastors and ministers who seek clergy development.  Perhaps you're too busy to attend a bible school, looking for answers on how to start and grow your church, new to ministry and have questions or you're a preacher who's preparing for your next elevation in the Kingdom.  Whatever your ministry needs are The Ministry Coach can help!

Dr. Debora C. Hooper, is a 30 year veteran preacher, author of the best selling book, Hooper's Evangelist & Ministry Handbook and The Ministry Coach for Hooper's Ministry Academy.   Click here to learn more about the Ministry Academy, view my ministry courses for 2019 and sign up to join pastors and preachers throughout America, United Kingdom and the Caribbean who gather online each week with The Ministry Coach to be trained for ministry!  *New Enrollment for The Academy begins January 1, 2019! 



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