Women Preachers: Licensing And Ordination

$ 9.99

Are you struggling with accepting your call to preach? What does the Bible say about women preachers? How long does it take for women preachers to be ordained and licensed? Where does the church stand today on women preachers?

These questions and more are covered in this candid discussion on women in ministry.  Every woman preacher is encouraged to hear this presentation for an intelligent defense on her call to preach the Gospel!   

What You Learn: 

  • The Bible's Viewpoint on Women In Ministry
  • Jesus, Apostle Paul and Women In the Bible
  • Why Women Are Not Accepted Into Ministry
  • Ordaining Women: Which Denominations And Organizations 
  • Church Hierarchy: How Far Can Women Go?
  • Why Women Are Held Back From Utilizing Their Ministry Gifts
  • How To Handle Negativity For Women In Ministry
  • Common Titles For Women Preachers
  • Licensing and Ordination For Women Preachers; and more
 Available in Audio (MP3) Format.

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