Ministry Tips For New Pastors

$ 14.99

I've asked my ministry friends to give me the ONE thing they would share with a new pastor and this 3 part series is a result of those conversations.  If only I had this wisdom when I started pastoring! Don't miss out on this goldmine! Know BEFORE you go!

Who Speaks and What You Learn:

  • Bishop Eric Garnes (Plans/Strategies For Ministry Launch/Church Growth)
  • Pastor Kenneth Moales, Jr. (Pump Your Brakes)
  • Bishop Eric Brown (Pastoring Your Friends)
  • ArchBishop Bernard Jordan (The Importance Of Being Clear)
  • Bishop Elvin Crone  (Setting Priorities)
  • Pastor David Wright (Making Changes Too Fast)
  • Bishop Ronald Hopkins  (Prepare For The Unknown)
  • Pastor William Hopkins (Reassessing & Readjusting In Ministry)
  • Bishop Randy Borders (Don't Trust What Hasn't Been Tested)
  • Bishop Roberto Jemmott (Focus on Purpose Not Reactions)
  • Pastor Marichel Monts (People Are Not Your Slaves)


Available in Audio Download (MP3) - 3 Part Series

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