Book Review - Preaching From The Inside Out

$ 12.99

After I read this book in bible school, I finally understood how to effectively preach a sermon with impact! If that's your goal, this is book for you!  After listening to the book review, if you implement the highlights, you will see an immediate difference in your sermon delivery; just like I did. (PS - add the book to your library too!)

What You Learn:

  • The Sermon Starts With The Preacher
  • How To Shape Your Preaching Points For Impact
  • The Best Way To Enhance Your Sermons
  • Sermons People Love To Hear And Those They Don't
  • Why Every Preacher Need Constructive Sermon Criticism 
  • How To Have A Successful Altar Call After Preaching; and more!

Available in Audio (MP3) and Video (MP4)

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